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Competitive Pricing

Our highly skilled and efficient workforce together with our state-of-the-art facility and machinery means that our pricing is keenly competitive without any compromise on quality.

Proactive Policy

Once we have agreed your order you can be secure in the knowledge that production will be to the time scale and costs agreed. Our policy is to keep you informed of progress at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Being a mere two hours by train from Shanghai and Ningbo, our factory is convenient for management visits or accessing the major shipping routes by sea, road or air allowing fast delivery of your order.

Factory Audits and Compliance - YiZhe Clothing Manufacturer

Factory Audits and Compliance

Having been in the garment industry for over 40 years, we have always embraced international initiatives relating to employment, community and environment. We like to think we lead by example in this regard.

All our operations, including our factory, comply with the rigorous requirements of our customers many of whom are major international corporates. The welfare of our staff and colleagues is concerned, and we do not work to the minimum requirement but like to think we raise the benchmark here.

Our factory is regularly audited and fully complies with TSSA regulations but if you require further confirmation of our high standards of working practice then we will be more than happy to accommodate a visit from an organization or auditor of your choice.

Production Capacity

By employing systems optimization procedures we are better able to manage our 3,000 sq.m. (32,000 sq.ft) factory facility and coordinate the production flow harmoniously with our 180+ workforce. This allows us to give our customers competitive prices and enhances proactive response times and reduces critical supply chain risk.

We have the experience, technical skills and infrastructure model necessary to fulfill the most demanding and sophisticated garment requirement. All of this whilst still maintaining our high standards of quality, service and efficiency.

Our production capability is over 200,000 pieces of quality garments per month. Within our facility we have a secure 1,500 sq.m. warehouse which has 24/7 manned security ensuring your order is safe physically and intellectually.

Production Capacity
Quality Control - YiZhe Clothing Manufacturer

Quality Control

Garment quality is at the core of what we do. From the first point of contact we have procedures in place to ensure that every part of the manufacturing process is monitored. All our products will comply with tight AQL parameters.

Having once agreed your sampling requirements including proto samples, fabric samples, fitting and pre-production samples then, subject to your approval, production will commence.

The whole production process is monitored by key team members of staff whose role is to ensure that the garment is perfect prior to moving to the next production stage. We welcome any QC monitoring input that you may require: be it your own in-house factory team or third party agents.

Mission Statement

Having been established for many years, we are proud of the reputation we have acquired in the industry for reliability, efficiency and price competitiveness – and that reputation is all important to us.

“One stop Shop” really does define what we are. We have full CMT capability and using CAD and production optimization systems. We can undertake most garment manufacturing requirements entirely in-house. We can also source fabrics, textiles and accessories to your specifications. If you require part production on a subcontract basis then we can accommodate this too.

From collaborating on your design requirements right through all the sampling and evaluation stages culminating in labeling, packaging and dispatch you can rely on our services. This is our MISSION and COMMITMENT to you.

Mission Statement - YiZhe Clothing Manufacturer