Let’s Get Acquainted

Yizhe Clothing’s heritage spans 40 years and started from humble origins. The journey has been a fascinating one with the accumulated manufacturing skills being handed down the generations. We are passionate about the industry about our professionalism and constantly strive to improve our techniques and performance

Our Value and Ambition

We started our long journey in the clothing manufacturing industry by making costumes and party clothing and we were soon supplying international brands like Walmart and Rubies. These skills are more diverse than just cutting and machining; they also demand the need for keen cost management and pricing. We are also committed to ecology and environmental issues. Our products are subject to the most rigorous testing


Production Plant and Working Lines

We have a product quality monitor in each working line examining the work during the production so that each worker in the line will realize immediately when they make a “mistake” and remedy accordingly during the production, which ensures the defect won’t accumulate into mass


Cutting Facilities

With full CMT facilities we have the advantage since they are able to monitor and control the whole process from start to finish


Warehousing Facilties

Witin our facility we have a secure 1,500 sq.m. warehouse which has 24/7 manned security ensuring your order is safe physically and intellectually


Procurement Department

With our professional procurement department, your fantastic design ideas can be made into reality sec to none by our precise procurement and our professional sample maker

Contact Us

Bengbu Office: #2, Rd Jinhe, Huaiyuan Industry Zone, Bengbu, China; 233400
Director: Angel Liu
Direct Line: 0086-13566709380